Astonishing X-Men #8

As the X-Men are about to begin their search for Wing, Emma Frost and all the other telepaths are struck with severe pain before being rendered unconscious.

Elsewhere two men watch as a badly damaged Sentinel they salvaged comes to life and starts moving away.

Wolverine is unable to detect any form of attack that would cause the telepaths to collapse and Wing to vanish.

As Scott tries to revive Emma she hears a voice taunting her and her relationship with Scott, but she doesn’t awaken.

Agent Brand receives word that all their taps and surveillance within the mansion are now offline but they don’t know if they have been discovered by the X-Men.

As the X-Men realise that they have been cut off from the outside world in everyway short of physically leaving the area Lockheed arrives and warns them that something is coming.

They rush outside to find the damaged Sentinel. Whilst the X-Men engage the deranged machine, which rambles on about ‘oppressors’ and it’s ‘Lord’, Kitty moves the kids to the Danger Room for safety. Scott, wanting the battle ended quickly, removes his visor and unleashes a powerful blast that sends the Sentinel flying away from the mansion.

Whilst Logan and the others finish off the Sentinel, Kitty and the students discover the body of Wing. They try to leave but the exit is gone. As Kitty is about to leave to get help the dead body of Wing re-animates and begins taunting and threatening the students.

Emma arrives with Hank’s help as the X-Men fail to gain access to the Danger Room, she tells them that the enemy is not IN the Danger Room but that it IS the Danger Room.

Cyclops (Scott Summers)
Emma Frost
Wolverine (James Howlett)